Our Mission

SAEN is committed to building an intellectual community consisting of Stanford students, faculty, alumni, and industry representatives to create, share and implement ideas geared towards growth and sustainable development of the African continent.

Our Vision

Our goal is to empower the future change agents of Africa. We must all stand on the shoulders of giants by connecting our past, present and future. SAEN intends to serve as the platform for nurturing Africa's future leaders through knowledge and experiences of our past and present leaders.

What we do

Quarterly Design Workshops

In collaboration with SEED, students form interdisciplinary teams with Stanford alumni and industry representatives to tackle challenges facing companies situated in Africa or companies working on innovative solutions and products for an African consumer base.

Prolonged design challenges

Quarter-long design projects in which students, alumni, and industry representatives focus on a developing product ideas that solve a set of different economic challenges submitted by student entrepreneurs and companies operating fully or partially in Africa.

Impromptu Innovation Pitches

Create a floor for students to brainstorm current minor challenges from the African continent and present a solution or proposal on the spot, with little time to prepare.


Invite entrepreneurs and industry representatives to share their experience working on the African continent and engage in discussions on approaches to tackle challenges that arise.

Networking Mixers

Invite students, alumni and industry representatives to interact in a less formal setting and extend professional relationships.


Pair students with Stanford alumni and/or industry representatives who have worked, are currently working or have projects in Africa.


Release monthly publication featuring profiles of industry mentors, alumni, or students, a summary of past and upcoming events, trending topics related to Africa and design challenge prompt ideas reflecting current events in Africa.

Ideation Session

Engage students in conversations centered around various infrastructural, educational, political, and social frameworks in Africa as well as what strategies, policies, or products could be implemented to effect positive and progressive changes.

Roundtable Discussions

Discuss and debate trending topics in Africa, with the goal of brainstorming possible solutions for current problems and challenges on the continent.

Company Visits

Organize tours for students to visit local companies that focus on business/ entrepreneurship in Africa.

Get Involved

“In my experience, in Africa there is space for innovation. And you don’t have to look far, especially when you are at a disadvantage. Look around you. You might be experiencing a problem that is a need in the community.”
– Sizwe Nzima, founder of Iyeza Express in Khayelitsha, South Africa.